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    DOA Policy

    Our DOA policy is simple. Please send us photos of the dead specimen in and out of the bag within 4 hours of the shipment landing. Any email sent after the 4 hour period is void. All approved DOA reports will receive a credit on your account to be used on any future order.


    We ship a lot through the airlines as their DOA policy is better than Fed Ex. Unfortunately, Fed Ex does not cover any losses on livestock, so technically we do not cover any DOA when shipping with Fed Ex. However, in an effort to work with our customers we may cover some DOA at our discretion. Please make sure to send any info as early as possible so that we may work more effectively with you.

    Order Minimum

    Our order minimum is $500. Any order that is less than this will incur a $25 administration fee to cover the driver costs.


    Corals on Demand is our WYSIWYG. These are pictures of items you can purchase directly from our website. You will not be charged, it is only to create an order.. It is also used to build your order around these specific pieces. You can use our stock list to add on additional items until our stock list is converted to an online ordering system. You can also call in and work with your sales manager to go over product. Every customers needs are different, so we work according to what works for you as there are many ways to process an order.

    Corals On Demand is updated statically every Monday and Wednesday morning at 7am (PST).

    Coral Photo’s

    All pictures are taken under 8 Bulb T-5 with 6 Blue Plus and 1 Coral Plus and 1 Purple Plus. With Blue LEd Strips. We then use photoshop to remove as much blue as possible while keeping the image quality as we view it in person.